It's been a while since I have daylogged or even noded for that matter.  Been really busy with school and life in general that even though I always have ideas in my head they rarely materialize to something that looks like a node.  About a month ago a noder said to me while I was just chatting about in the catbox that I should start putting my ideas down onto the nodegel - and well maybe this is a turn of that new leaf.  Of course during this discussion a new noder chimed in that daylogging is pointless and there is no recognition, beg to differ but we are all entitled to our opinions are we not?

I wanted to say that it's been so long that I noted there wasn't this fancy text box and I was fighting to come up with the code to get text to appear as I wanted.  The fancy box for editing is just one of the many improvements the site has had in nearly the 10 impressive nears I have been part of the site.  

I wanted to welcome our new owner Jay as I am truly excited that noders have been able to aquire the site and that it will be staying in good hands. In various parts of the interwebs many have expressed their dislike of hearing the site was being sold, but I truly think this will be a better option for the site that could of ended up having many other possibilities.

Looking forward to the future and whole heartedly support our staff in this new venture! Obviously couldn't ching! the news for noders but this is definetly my KUDOS shoutout!

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