Go find a beanie baby. Look at the sewn-in tag.

You see it? There's a little stylized C E printed there. The E is kind of curved, basically another C with a - stuck in it.

That logo is damn near everywhere.

I don't know what it means, but it's driving me crazy. Because once you become aware of this thing, you start seeing it everywhere. It's on every stuffed animal i've ever seen; it's on my TI-89 calculator; it's on the frame to my glasses. (Proj2501 says it's on coke cans outside of america.)

I'm sure it's something simple-- this product was manufactured internationally according to n trade agreement, this device contains type n plastic-- but that doesn't leave me any less confused.

What the hell is that thing?

Responses to this node.
  • ( Saige says something about how CE is a eurpoean certification thing, but the comment scrolls by before i can copy it. )
  • fondue says It's a european community standards mark. it symbolises that the product has been tested for safety. It's required by law to be on the product or packaging of most consumer goods in the EU.
  • fondue says it stands for Completely Edible :)
  • Anotherone said something helpful i forget.
  • <Rancid_Pickle>That's a certification, I believe European, sort of like Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
  • <Rancid_Pickle> "As of January 1, 1996, electrical products shipped in Europe are required to meet CE Mark compliance. This mark is analogous to FCC Certification in the US. "
  • <mcc> Well, my webcam has the CE right under the FCC Approved mark.. prolly is the same thing then. Hm.
  • <Lord Brawl> OK, Ok. "Conformitée Européenne" - European Conformity. Meets EU standards.

  • <Lord Brawl> W/ regard to the beany babies, CE compliance it includes an emissions standard ...
  • <Rancid_Pickle> It may be that they are certified for export to Europe
  • <Lord Brawl> http://www.here4business.co.uk/BLNY /operations/healthsafety/ce.asp
And there you are.

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