A non-profit company that tests products for safety and certifies products that pass. You've probably seen their mark near the serial number of your electronic products, the U and L, with the L a little lower, inside a circle.
Some statistics, according to their website, www.ul.com:
  • Estimated UL Marks appearing on new products in 1999: 16.1 billion
  • Product evaluations in 1999: 94,396
  • Follow-up Service visits in 1999 to audit compliance with product certification requirements: 509,442
  • Consumers UL reached with safety messages in the U.S. and Canada during 1999: 110 million
  • Total number of current UL Standards: 748
  • Countries with UL customers: 89
  • Staff of the UL family of companies ready to serve customers: 5,644
  • UL Inspection Centers: 193 in 71 countries
  • Laboratory testing and certification facilities in the UL family of companies: 46
  • Number of product types UL evaluates: 18,059
  • Total number of facilities registered by UL to a management system standard as of Dec. 31, 1999: 4,089
  • Number of manufacturers producing UL certified products: 58,684

(note the irony that I used the <ul> tag here)

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