Abbreviation for Before Common Era or Before Christian Era. Both are politically correct ways of expressing dates which were once denoted as BC or before Christ.

BCE Inc. is Canada's largest corporation and most successful communications company.

BCE today has active interests in a wide range of communications products and services including:

Bandwidth - BCE owns Bell Nexxia, which is the primary backbone in Canada.

Telecommunications - BCE Is a parent company, managing such companies as Bell Canada, Quebectel and the maritime telecoms
Wireless Telecommunications- The Bell Mobility Network offers analogue, digital pcs and paging services
CTV - BCE owns and operates this television network.
Telesat and Netstar-Satelite networks.
Bell Actimedia- Publishers of all Canadian Yellow Pages directories
BCE recently loosened their ties with Nortel Networks, developers of telephony and internet technologies.
BCE also owns all of their property, handles their own business' law, has their own backbone big enough to support the entire country, and uh... the phone lines are free.

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