This is a hugely entertaining diversionary tactic to be employed during long, boring meetings typically attended by cliché freaks and jargon-junkies(aaargh).


The game requires an small amount of preparation. Input the 64 more commonly abused clichés, trite phrases and ridiculous superlatives into an 8x8 grid. Label the sheet "BULLSHIT BINGO" in large enough letters to be read across a board-room table. Buy a packet of Pokemon trading cards and a tube of Smarties and conceal both treats in the recesses of your jacket. Place the Bullshit Bingo playsheet and a suitable writing instrument at the top of your briefcase. Thus equipped stride nonchalantly into your next meeting.

The Game:

Pick the more affluent cliché abuser and listen to every word he/she says intently. Circle words or phrases like paradigm shift, proactive, and added value on your playsheet as soon as they are spoken and follow the normal bingo rules. Shouting LINE! will probably pass as an irrational outburst initially. Eventually you will reach a point where you exclaim "BINGO!" and proudly present the winner with the completed sheet, the Pokemon cards and the Smarties.


Dwardu accepts no responsibility for loss of employment related to Bullshit Bingo.

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