This much-discussed supposed close encounter occured at farmhouses seven miles north of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and near Kelly Station, Kentucky, in August 1955.

Billy Ray Taylor, visiting his friends, the Suttons, returned from a visit to their well claiming he had seen a flying saucer with multi-colored lights. His claim was met with disbelief by those in the house: Glennie Lankford, Lucky Sutton, Vera Sutton, J.C. Sutton, Alene Sutton, June Taylor, O.P. Baker, and three young Sutton children. Later, the Suttons' dog began to bark for no apparent reason, after which it ran under the house and remained there for the night. Around 8:00 p.m., Mr. Taylor and Lucky Sutton observed a glow surrounding a "small man," about three or four feet high, with large head, large eyes, large ears, silver skin, and long arms ending in talon-like hands. The two men went for a rifle and shotgun, and fired at the creature. What follows is a night of several such creatures pestering the house, and Taylor and Sutton shooting wildly. Multiple witnesses corroborate the basic details.

At 11:00 p.m., the entire group raced to their cars and sped to the police station in Hopkinsville. The local police chief, Russell Greenwell (called in later that night) and his officers all confirm that the family and their friends seemed frightened, and that the children were nearly hysterical.

The officers on duty, their chief, two state troopers they called and, later, a reporter, returned to the Sutton farmhouse with some of the witnesses. The state troopers reported seeing several meteors on the way, travelling in the direction of the Sutton farmhouse. No evidence of alien creatures could be found, though several witnesses, including the police chief reported seeing a glow, which faded. Bulletholes and shells confirmed that the men had been firing at something. No evidence of alcohol consumption could be found. Vera Sutton claimed that alcohol was not permitted in the house.

The police and reporter left a half-hour later. Vera and Lucky Sutton later reported other sightings of the creatures throughout the night; Lucky fired at least one more time.

The silver creatures have never been reported again.

NOTE: This is based on a write-up I did for a website. It's still out there on the Internet.

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