Portland is a great breakfast town. It may be because of the number of places that arose to cater to fishermen coming in to port hungry at odd hours of the morning. Whatever it is, there are many, many find places to enjoy excellent breakfast around here. I'll begin by listing some of them. This will be a work in progress -- I'll keep adding as I continue to do research. If anybody who lives or spends time in Portland, ME is paying attention, please feel free to contribute, either to a missing w/u, or to elaborate on existing info.

Bayou Kitchen
The Porthole
The Friendship Cafe
Miss Portland Diner
-- not done yet:
Steve and Renee's
Latte Cafe
Cafe Uffa

I'm somewhat perplexed by xmatt's mention of Great Lost Bear as a breakfast destination, because, as far as I can tell, it doesn't serve breakfast at all. It opens at 11:30 AM, which most people around here consider lunchtime. It does, however, have a great selection of beer on tap.

I happen to have lived most my life in Portland, Maine. A favorite breakfast place of my soccer team was The Great Lost Bear. While it's not in Portland, but in Scarborough a few miles away, there is a place called Betty's. If you go there, pack an artery, since the food is slathered in butter and other artery-clogging goodness.

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