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You can email me at

I haven't been noding much lately. It has more to do with my current situation and such than with E2 itself. I by no means intend to leave the site, and I still check my account every few days and I still like to come here and read nodes, even if I'm no longer such an active contributor.

If you actually want to know what's happened to me day to day, you should go to I write more there than I do here, alas. I want to make a living writing someday. To that end, I've done what I can to become a better writer, and I believe that E2 has helped me greatly in that. I openly acknowledge and appreciate its contribution. I hope that I can return to being a more active noder at some point, but I just seem to lack the motivation and desire for the time being.

If you have something to tell me (though I can't imagine why anyone would), you're better off emailing me. I will probably still see /msg's as well though, so no worries.