A diner in Portland, Maine, located at 20 Custom House Wharf, right off of Commercial St. As befits its location, it has a casually nautical theme. It's very popular with summer tourists and people who work on or near the docks. It has an outdoor deck that overlooks Casco Bay. The breakfast menu is very brief and looks like your standard two eggs/potatoes, omelette, french toast & pancake options. However, when your food arrives, you notice that it's way better than standard diner fare.

Examples: A spinach and caramelized onion omelette arrived absolutely stuffed with slightly garlicky sauteed fresh spinach (rather than mushy frozen stuff) and onions that had been well cooked and spiked with what tasted like balsamic vinegar. Both the omelette and eggs over easy were accompanied by extraordinary, crispy homefries made of both white and sweet potatoes and seasoned with rosemary. Each order came with seeded wheat toast cut from a round country loaf that appeared to be from Borealis Bakery, a craft baker here in Maine. All in all, way better than we expected from a place that gets written up in countless tourist brochures.

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