A town in New Jersey that is just across the Hudson River from New York City (the West Village up to around Chelsea). Hometown of Baseball, Frank Sinatra and Blimpie. This is the place that a college graduate goes to live because they aren't quite ready to leave the college lifestyle, but had to go out and get a real job. People who have lived there forever must claim to have known Frank Sinatra when he was younger, and must have some kind of story.

Hoboken is actually really nice. Well anything below 5th Street. Maxwell's is a bar located there, Bruce Springsteen filmed his Glory Days music video there. It is popular with people who work on/or near the financial district in Manhatten. The Wall Street types have taken over a lot of the apartments there, raising the average rent in the area quite a bit. One reason is because it is only 1 PATH train stop to the World Trade Center. One can also reach Manhatten easily by ferry.

Hoboken is where On the Waterfront was filmed and the basement of Sts. Peter and Paul church look pretty much the same as in the film. The docks are gone, transformed into luxury apartments and parks. I'm just old enough to remember the smell of roasting coffee from Maxwell's (the coffee factory not the bar) that would hang over the city on humid summer days.

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