As an addendum, Bawls claims that the guarana present in their drink MAY help to cleanse the muscular system of lactic acid after exercise, thereby causing a quicker recovery. Whether or not it is a wise idea to pump 80 milligrams of caffeine into your bloodstream when you are recovering from exercise is questionable, and whether or not consuming a sugary beverage after exercise is a conflict of interest should be fairly obvious, I think. :)

All that aside, I agree with everyone else... it's DAMN tasty.

Bawls can be ordered from ThinkGeek, but I would recommend a closer distributor if, like me, you live 3,000 miles away in California, for a lower shipping cost.


Archetype msg'd me this: "re:Bawls consuming sugar after excersise is not a conflict of interest, it's a Good Thing. The body uses it to replentish it's glycogen stores instead of adding fat. Right after excercise is the only time you can eat as much ice cream as you want"


Bawls is difficult to find in convenience stores due to mothers groups complaining about kids getting too much caffeine (not necesarily untrue - these things sell like hotcakes here at UNT, hot little comodity and a great investment). Alternate sources for pick up, however include and or any Bawls distributor near you. The Bawls distributor will charge approximately one dollar a bottle after tax (give or take a little depending on your area) whereas ThinkGeek charges 26.95 for a 24 bottle case without shipping. If you're a real Bawls afficionado, you may order 5+ cases at a time at a slightly discounted price from

If any of you were wondering how it is that Bawls gets around the maximum caffeine limit for a soft drink (that being 6mg per fluid ounce), the answer lies in the guarana berry. Because the caffeine in Bawls is "all natural", Bawls can legally avoid this artificial caffeine limit. Bawls has 80mg of Caffeine in a 10oz bottle, average 8mg per fluid ounce.
Reply o _pti: Caffeine exists within guarana, however the caffeine found in guarana tends to have a stronger effect than synthesized caffeine.

I had the pleasure of finally trying this beverage yesterday.

I'm not big on coffee/tea at all (though I do enjoy chai), and contrary to popular belief, one can only drink so much Mountain Dew, so I'm always interested in new and potentially tasty ways to get a wakey-wakey fix. A few things to note that haven't been said (or emphasized enough) yet:

  • According to the official Bawls FAQ, the bumps on the bottle are there for grip, and to look cool. I'd personally say they do both functions well.

  • Aforementioned mentions of the drink's size are not typos. Myself, I was taken back, having never seen the drink in real life previously. The bottle is tiny, not Red Bull tiny, but tiny nevertheless. Some people might choke at the idea of paying $1.50-$1.75 for a 10-ounce beverage, but it's money well spent in my book.

  • Any amount of shaking seems to be a no-no. I made the mistake of slipping the tiny drink into a pants pocket after purchasing it, not realizing I'd be drinking it mere seconds later (long story), and the shaking seemed to produce a large amount of fizziness that hid the pleasant taste for the first few sips.

Bawls is a tasty beverage that will drive you mad.

According to, it has 80 mg of caffeine per 12 ounces, yielding 6 2/3 mg per ounce. The bottles only hold 10 ounces, so it has 66 2/3 mg of caffeine per bottle. However, the natural caffeine it uses, guarana, is 150% stronger than the more common sort, yielding an effective 166 2/3 mg strength beverage. According to Lunarloki in caffeine, this is only surpassed by maximum strength NoDoz/Vivarin, AfriCola, and Sky Rocket caffeinated syrup (not for direct consumption!).

From personal experience, it drives one mad most effectively when taken without eating much, but this can also cause unwanted side-effects, such as mild headache and dizziness.

It's also very good when mixed! I was extremely pleased with the results of Bawls and Dr. Pepper, and I've heard good things about Bawls and orange juice. Some would go so far as to say Bawls tastes like Sprite. This may seem true at first, but on closer examination it is undeniable that Bawls is far superior in richness, smoothness, and flavor. Sprite from a can is thick with syrup. Bawls is light and easy.

To quote the stark white print on the back of this cobalt blue bottle (printed on the bottle, not on a sticker, thank you):

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural Guarana Flavor, Sodium Benzoate (as a preservative), Caffeine, Artificial Flavors and Caramel Color:    Warning: This product contains high levels of Caffeine.

Two things come to mind:
a. Caffeine and Guarana? Or is the caffeine in guarana?
b. More important, where is this Caramel Color so boldly written of? This beverage is quite colorless and all the better for it!

I take that back, Bawls is not quite colorless. It has a slight golden hue.

tWD says re Bawls: Erm, just to offer a wee clarification... Guarana is 150% stronger than *coffee* - the caffeine in each is the same chemical, but in different concentrations. 66mg of caffeine is 66mg of caffeine, whatever it's derived from. : "The Guarana berry contains a naturally-occurring form of caffeine which is 2.5 times stronger than the caffeine found in coffee, tea, and soft drinks." If you're right tWD, this is a grievous mistake. I've emailed concerning this discrepancy, but have received no reply. Meanwhile, the affect Bawls has on my mental state remains strong.

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