A distributor is the device in an internal combustion engine that transfers electricity to the sparkplugs. It is cylindrical and has a trigger that spins and has an electrode that makes contact with the other electrodes on the sides. Each time contact is made the electricity is sent to the corresponding sparkplug.

A third party that distributes your products for you. This way, you can concentrate on producing while the distributor can concentrate on selling. Using distributors usually saves a lot of money for a company because the distributor already has the local/regional infrastructure already in place.

Dis*trib"u*tor (?), n. [L.]

One that distributes; a distributer; specif.:


A machine for distributing type.


An appliance, as a roller, in a printing press, for distributing ink.


An apparatus for distributing an electric current, either to various points in rotation, as in some motors, or along two or more lines in parallel, as in a distributing system.


© Webster 1913

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