J.R.R. Tolkien> The Silmarillion

Aredhel was the third child and only daughter of Fingolfin. She followed her brother Turgon into Middle-Earth and lived with him in Nevrast and Gondolin. In the year 300 of the First Age, she left Gondolin to seek out the Sons of Fëanor, but was separated from her party and was believed to be lost by her kindred. She was found and seduced later by Eöl, whom she wed. From this union was produced Maeglin, who persuaded his mother to leave Eöl and go back to Gondolin in hopes of establishing himself as the heir of Turgon. After reaching Gondolin, Aredhel was killed by a posioned dart thrown by Eöl, which was intended for Maeglin (Year 345 of the First Age).

Her full name was Aredhel Ar-Feiniel, which means 'Noble White Lady of the Elves', because she wore only silver and white. She had a pale complexion and dark hair.

                       |        |            |
                     Turgon   Fingon      Aredhel=Eöl

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