J.R.R. Tolkien> The Silmarillion

Maeglin was the only child of Aredhel and Eöl. His father gave him great skill in the mining and working of metals. His mother's tales of Gondolin, however, reminded him that he was the heir to Turgon and the throne of Gondolin. He persuaded his mother the flee from Nan Elmoth and return to Gondolin, where Aredhel was killed by Eöl defending Maeglin.

In Gondolin, Maeglin became great because of his knowledge in craftsmanship. He soon became drawn to his cousin Idril, and lusted after her constantly, especially because his love was not returned. On one of his many trips outside of Gondolin in search of ore, Maeglin was captured by an Orc-band and soon betrayed the Hidden Kingdom. During the ensuing battle, he captured Idril and her son Eärendil, but Tuor threw him off the Caragdûr, a great precipice of black rock off which Eöl had been thrown to his death as well.

Maeglin could be considered the whiny little brat in Tolkien's works because of his use and abuse of people and his lack of moral character. He was cunning and knew how to get what he wanted, but was moody and ever self-serving. He died in the year 511 of the First Age.

              |           |              | 
            Fingon      Turgon         Aredhel=Eöl
                          |                   |
                         Idril=Tuor        Maeglin

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