American Indians
(North America excluding Mexico and the Caribbean)









1. I left out Hawaii under this.
2. There is some overlap between (mostly Northern) Mexico and the Southwestern United States, so certain groups above fit either to some extent.
3. There may be some overlap between "Religion" and items under "Misc."
4. This is meant to be a historical/factual list. I left out humorous material and don't plan to add movies/televison shows (this may change). I also chose to leave out things that are named after Indians, including sports teams.
5. I left out nodeshells and nodes with one line writeups or only a Webster entry (a few exceptions at my discretion). I hope that they will someday be given more adequate material and can be added (some of the above could use better writeups, as well).
6. Please let me know about anything I may have missed or bad links. And feel free to contribute your own work to the database so it can be added above.

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