A plan drafted by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Hutchinson at the (ad hoc) Albany Congress in June of 1754.

The plan would have created a council selected by colonial governments and president general selected by the king who would have power only in the areas of Indian Affairs and Defense. This was attempted in preparation for the Great War for Empire (a/k/a French and Indian War). As it stood, requesting soldiers and supplies from each individual colony was rather troublesome.

However not a single colonial government nor the government of Great Britain approved the plan. Colonial governments thought it was an attempt to take power away from them and slowly erode their powers, whereas Britain did not feel the need for such a degree of control over the colonies, nor the time it would take if more administration was added to them.

An intresting point in history, expressing the individual nature of the colonies. Someone from Georgia was an American, but a Georgian first, in much the way a Briton was a european, but a Briton first. The nature of colonial cooperation and Salutary Neglect expressed here would not last long past the Great War for Empire.

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