Professional baseball team. The Baltimore Orioles. Known in the greater Baltimore area as the "Oreos".

This American League team was based in St.Louis, Missouri and called the St.Louis Browns until their move to Baltimore in 1954.

Played in Memorial stadium in the Northeast part of the city until 1991 when they moved into their new stadium, Camden Yards, in downtown, near the tourist area known as Inner Harbor

Also the name of several earlier professional baseball franchises in Baltimore.

The first incarnation of the Baltimore Orioles played in the American Association from 1882-1889, 1890-1891 (were not part of the AA for part of 1890). Notable fact about them is a pitcher named Matt Kilroy had 513(!) strikeouts for the Orioles in 1886. (A few years later, due to rule changes, such a mark was next to impossible to achieve.)

When the American Association disbanded after 1891, the Orioles became part of the National League the next year. They finished in first place 3 straight seasons from 1894-1896 and featured future Hall of Famer Wee Willie Keeler. However, the NL opted to trim the league by 4 teams after 1899, and the Orioles were one of the teams to be dropped.

The next appearance of the Baltimore Orioles name in professional baseball was in 1901, as part of the new American League. The franchise was in disarray for two seasons, before being bought by a New Yorker and transferred to New York for 1903. That team later became known as....the New York Yankees (yes, really).

(Reference: "The Ball Clubs" by Donald Dewey and Nicholas Acocella; a brilliant reference book, detailing the histories of every major league baseball franchise since the formation of the National League in 1876. Informative and throughly interesting)

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