Ababinili is the Chickasaw Indian's spirit of fire. A tale tells of when Ababinili sent rain to the Earth. When the water had covered all of the Earth, some of the Chickasaws made rafts in hopes of saving themselves from the Great Flood. But many creatures like beavers came and cut the rafts apart. Everyone was drowned except for one family and a pair of each animal on Earth. When the rain had finally stopped and the water receded, a raven was seen with an ear of corn. Ababinili told the Chickasaw to plant it and that he would eventually destroy the Earth with fire. He also told them that the Earth would once again be drenched in a rain of floods and oil before it was cleansed in fire.

Obviously this myth bears a great resemblance to many others, most notably Noah's Ark (All drowned except one family and a pair of each of all the animals). It is one the many myths that has turned out to be a sort of "archetype" in human culture.

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