Oogruk is the name given by the Inuit people for the bearded seal. A young oogruk is called a oogruarokhp.

The fully-grown oogruk weighs up to 450 pounds and is usually 7 to 9 feet long. Their coats are grey or brown. They have long white whiskers which they use to probe for food on the ocean floor.

The habitat of the oogruk includes shallow waters in the Arctic Ocean, the Seas of Alaska, the Laptev Sea, the Barnets Sea, the North Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Western Atlantic Ocean, the waters off Iceland, Norway, Hokkaido, China, and Portugal, the Bering Sea, the Okhot Sea, the Quebec side of Hudson Bay and the Chukchi White and Kara Seas.

The oogruk eats crabs, shimps, clams, cod and flounder.

The oogruk are an important staple source of protein in Inuit food.

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