The sixth Beach Boys album, and for many casual fans the definitive one, 1964's All Summer Long is the peak product of their 'fun-in-the-sun' years, and still the album from which Mike Love's touring 'Beach Boys' take more of their repertoire than any other.
It shows how fast the band changed, and how much, that Don't Back Down, the only surfing song on this album, is also the last song they did on the subject (other than Do It Again on the 20/20 album) until 1978's MIU Album.
  1. I Get Around
  2. All Summer Long
  3. Hushabye
  4. Little Honda
  5. We'll Run Away
  6. Carl's Big Chance
  7. Wendy
  8. Do You Remember
  9. Girls On The Beach
  10. Drive-In
  11. Our Favorite Recording Sessions
  12. Don't Back Down

The line-up for this album is Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine
The album is currently available on Capitol Records on a twofer CD with Little Deuce Coupe
Previous album - Shut Down Vol 2
Next album - The Beach Boys' Christmas Album

Some soma with the air conditioner

can watch a drop go curve south over
caramel over her navel glimmering july bright

takeout on the chopsticks tangled in
knotted, hand-spun red hair
at the small of her back

the drop

like the salt mixing with fresh water, like
the sun burning off the fog, like japanese knots
and curries and the palimpsest of her skin
of markets of water-bearers
of rice sticky-sweet and vinegar
of silk scarves worked with cranes
and the straining of her wrists.

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