The point at which the Beach Boys ceased to put out new music of any worth.
After The Beach Boys Love You the band almost split up. There were many factors in this, but essentially the band had split into two factions. On one side were Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson, who believed the way forward for the band was to carry on making creative, experimental music as they had during the early 70s. On the other side were Mike Love and Al Jardine who believed (although Mike was firmer in this than Al) the band should become a nostalgia act on stage, and on record go back to churning out surf music (along with songs about the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who Mike is a disciple of). Brian Wilson meanwhile had retreated into his shell again, and the battle within the band became one over who was to control Brian's vote.
The band eventually stayed together because of a multi-million dollar contract, but who gained control can be seen from the fact that the next album was called Maharishi International University album (MIU for short), after the Maharishi's faculty where the album was recorded.
Love and Jardine took a clearly disinterested Brian Wilson and a load of reject tapes from the 15 Big Ones session, and turned out the band's worst album to date. Carl Wilson was barely there, and Dennis Wilson didn't turn up at all, his only contribution being the vocal for the previously recorded My Diane (not coincidentally the album's one saving grace). He later told reporters 'That album's a piece of shit. I hope it fucks up Mike Love's karma forever', words with which all right thinking people will concur.

Track listing:

  1. She's Got Rhythm
  2. Come Go With Me
  3. Hey Little Tomboy
  4. Kona Coast
  5. Peggy Sue
  6. Wont'cha Come Out Tonight
  7. Sweet Sunday Kinda Love
  8. Belles Of Paris
  9. Pitter Patter
  10. My Diane
  11. Matchpoint Of Our Love
  12. Winds Of Change

The album is currently available on a Capitol records twofer with LA (Light Album)
Band line-up for the album - Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love
Produced by Al Jardine and Ron Altbach - 'executive producer' Brian Wilson Previous album - The Beach Boys Love You
Next album - LA (Light Album)

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