The Agora was the marketplace, the center of Greek civilisation, where people went to talk, to trade, to teach, to learn and exchange tales of the strange lands beyond the Aegean.

"Agora, for those who cannot be in the Arena"

A part of WWW history, sadly (?) gone.

Agora the name of a WWW-E-mail gateway, written by Arthur Secret of W3C in 1994 (when access to web browsers was, understandably, not that certain). Last version was released in 1997. Although the source no longer seems to exist at hand, Agora appeared to have been written in Perl. (Reasonable Agora imitation could be written in Perl easily, though...)

The operation was simple: People sent message to Agora system E-mail address with body that said "SEND (url)". It was also apparently able to parse its own responses so that people could just reply to the message and tell, from Lynx-style reference list, where they would like to go from that page.

Along with sending formatted documents (send, www) It was also able to send replies to other addresses (rsend), send a lot of referenced documents as well (deep), and send document source (source, rsource).

The Israeli low denomination monetary unit, similar to United States Cents or United Kindom Pennies.

Since January 1st 1960, it complemented the Israeli pound and later the Sheqel (having a temporary reincarnation as a "New Agora" from 1980 to 1985, when it returned to being just "Agora"). At the time of writing (October 2001), the Agora is valued as 1/100th of the New Israeli Sheqel and is produced as coins only (5, 10 and 50 Agoras -- the 1 Agora coin is out of circulation). A matchbox costs about 30 Agoras.

The name originates from 1 Samuel 2:36. Note that in the King James Bible, the Hebrew "Agora" is translated as "piece of silver".

"Agorot", the Hebrew plural form, is often used instead of "Agoras".

Ag"o*ra (#), n. [Gr. .]

An assembly; hence, the place of assembly, especially the market place, in an ancient Greek city.


© Webster 1913.

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