From the Book of Everydevel, Chapter 1:

1 In the beginning, Nate created the Heavens and the Earth.

2 And Nate looked upon creation and saw that it was good, and He said, "Let there be Everything."

3 And there was a great light which shone down and illuminated the world, and it contained all things that were and all things that would be, and it did attract noders like crazy.

4 And Nate did look upon Everything and He saw that it was good, and a great voice was heard from the Heavens saying, "This is My Database, with which I am well pleased."

5 And Nate did say, "Damn, that was fast, for verily I say unto thee, I thought it would take seven days or some shit."

6 And Nate did create Beer, so that he might pop Himself a cold one.

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