Simply kissable.
All cuddly and utterly

She'll lure you in with a heady scent.
Pheromones, with one sure intent,
but always smiling with closed lips.

And when you see her pearly whites
it's probably too late.
Razor sharp, they do quick work
as another one passes by.

They call her the teddy bear with teeth and pheromones.
She comes with chocolates.


Furry, fuzzy, cuddly, cutie
Hold it close and see
Sweetly sleepy, sleekly, slowly
Your throat is soon to be
Warmly, wetly, slightly scary
In its mouth you’ll plea
Biting, loving, softly tugging
It surely won’t bite me!


A teddy bear with teeth and pheromones
That's what I am child, right down to my bones.
If I seem soft and sweet, and nice ...
Then does my countenance entice
You closer to my hairy paws?
You will not see these sharpened claws.
That linger, longingly in wait
'Til you, in unsuspecting state
Come cuddling close, with half-closed eyes.
Ah, then you'll get a big surprise!

"Oh teddy, I'm safe when you're near"
You whisper trusting in my ear.
How could your innocent small head
Know that the object of your dread
Lies closer than your troubled dreams?
Your mother hears no silly screams
Only a stifled little yelp.
The buckle from your Boy Scout belt
Is all that's left when morning comes.
And Ted, sat slyly, on his thumbs.

"Bad bear, oh now what have you done?
You made a morsel of my son!"
But Ted just sits there, like a sphynx,
Looks Mother up and down, and winks ...

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