Supposedly the result of too much masturbation, according to Anglo-christian mythology since time immemorial. A variant on the "If You Don't Stop Playing With It It'll Drop Off" theory of genito-manipulatory repercussion.

It's all plainly bullshit, however - I've been trying for years, and I haven't had to shave my palms once. I do wear glasses however, so maybe it's just compensating some other way...

Large quantities of hair is often the result of a high level of testosterone, a hormone associated with male qualities. One of these qualities is the sex drive. An individual who has a large sex drive but is unable to excercise it could indeed resort to masturbation. Therefore, the quality of hair palms could possibly cause the masturbation rather than vice versa.

One caveat: I have never seen a hairy palm in my life. Not even an ape and i've seen them whacking off at the zoo.

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