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Late night rambling #1

Ever feel like you’re something more? Something bigger? But your stuck, and you don’t even know how? Like your meant to do something but you don’t know what, and it could happen at any moment? Even if you’re just a small part of something bigger, one cog in a clock breaks; the clock won’t run any more. What if you miss your moment, or you screw it up? Do you get to try again? Each of us affects history in our own way, because what we do now is history later, right? Doesn’t that make all of us something big? Even if we don’t get out names written down in stone, or our faces aren’t impressed upon every small child’s mind for generations to come, doesn’t mean we aren’t important, right? The big figures in history, what about the people behind them? I mean, who taught Alexander the great how to command and army? Who showed Benjamin Franklin the alphabet? How would Columbus have gotten to America if no one had invented the boat? Maybe those people are written down somewhere, but maybe not. So what is it that you’ve done? How have you changed the course of history, today?

These are the questions I find in my mind late at night when I'm bored as hell and can't go to sleep, or when I'm on the bus again bored as hell and can't sleep.

1. What is the purpose of Bubble gum.

2. If sand is crushed up rock, and glass is melted sand, can we melt rocks to make glass?
3. When did we start thinking blonde was the ditz color and why?

4. What is definition of a virgin?

5. What are dreams for?

6. Who is the torture master who invented heels?

7. how old is too old?

8. how young is to young?

9. What is age?

10.How many times can you kill and revive a person before you can't revive them any more?

11.Is it possible to blow your eyes out of your head?

12. What is the unit measurement of a pinch?

13. how is it that we can both welcome and fear the dark?

14. What is a human Predator?

15. Why is W the only letter in the alphabet that doesn't make it's own sound?

16. If ducks are supposedly water proof how come they don’t fly in the rain?

17. What the hell is debauchery?

Now for some favorite words in particular orders

“My life has been insane, with horrible bouts of sanity.”

"She is decidedly fair in colouring, full of laughter and happiness, very open and fearless in expression, and is surrounded by an aura of golden radiance in which the outline of her wings can be traced. There is also a hint of mockery in her attitude and expression, as of one who is enjoying a joke against the poor mortals who are studying her."

A woman can only be chased by a lover until she's caught him.