It is not known precisely where angels dwell--
whether in the air, the void, or the planets.
It has not been God's pleasure
that we should be informed of their abode.

Boomers Fred and Myrtle Vaig were enjoying their "empty nester" vacation, flying along to wherever they felt like in their Mini Winnie. They were retired support personnel from Sassafras State College, and sometimes audited history, geography, and astronomy courses to give them ideas. This time they were going to Zion National Park in Utah, and now they were on some enormous lonely stretch of I-15. Earlier, they had tons of fun on Interstate 70 while singing loudly Creedence Clearwater Revival's, "Green River" when they crossed it. They made sure they did not stop anywhere near there, out of a founded fear. "Wasn't that where the serial killer lived?" They asked each other.

They had mixed feelings about not having the kids with them. They would have loved seeing all the wildlife along the way. They were so wonderful with animals. They lovingly cared for birds, bugs, fish, and; cats and dogs. Oh, not to forget the occasional bunny, hamster and guinea pig.

"Hungry?" Myrt (as he liked to call her) asked. "While you were gassing up at Fish Lake, I made something special for you; heh, that won't gas you up more."

"Heh, heh, yeah, I'll take a right on this little road that'll get us away from the car lights, and we can watch the sunset."

"You're still the romantic, my little Frederick the Great."

The red, yellow and orange sandstone outcroppings began to become gildedly enriched by the changing chromanence as he found a secluded spot to enjoy along with the view, some coffee and whatever goodie Myrt assembled.

"It's gonna be dark soon. Looks like we are on the moon or mars, don't it, Myrt? We'll probably see some shooting stars, maybe we can see the Aurora Borealis in this mountain desert dry air.

"You get so excited, Fred, you talk and forget to eat. And you're waving my specially made ladyfinger up in the air like a spaceship or somethin'; remember what we used to tell the kids: 'Don't play with your food!'"

They both laughed until their eyes were going to be too moist to see Nature's lightshow, and they put out the lights, and went outside with a couple of folding chairs. "Let's move out-a-ways, so the hum of the generators don't interfere." They proceeded to find a flat, but elevated place that was perfect for seeing the sun dip his last glowing embers, and the moon tip her silvery tiara. At last the sky was like dark purple velvet, jewel studded, and was occasionally striped with dying meteors.

"Whoa! Did ya see that one? It shot down, and then came back a this-a-way!" Fred was animated again, his second cup of java and the fresh cooling air overly invigorated him.

But as Myrt tried to see what her husband was pointing out, all the sky wiggled and melted like the horizon did on the hot tarmac earlier during the oven-like heat of noon. A headachey sleepiness engulfed them simultaneously.


The fancy that extraterrestrial life
is by definition of a higher order than our own
is one that soothes all children, and many writers.
---Joan Didion

Nothing else was remembered, but the couple awoke on a table-like cot of the same color as the antiseptic whitish-grey room it was in, whose walls luminesced from within --somehow. They saw windows, black as night, almost completely circling the whole 20 foot square compartment. Suddenly, a door was formed, and opened where there was previously blank wall. Through it stepped a 7 foot tall creature that the inwardly terrified pair of humans could only compare to the preying Praying Mantis that hung around their gardens. They actually felt calm in their bodies, nerves and emotions. It was only the mind that was bothered. "They had been drugged, that was it." they both thought, laying quietly there, looking up at what actually seemed like a benign (face?). Then, they understood in their minds what these hosts were saying:

Do not fear. You will be treated humanely, we are a species in the 9.7 range of intelligence as determined by the Celestial Council. You will be fed, and my young will also come and entertain you. Say what you want or need, and it will be brought to you. You will learn of your important purpose in the universe, and will be empowered thusly.

After the alien left, they sat up. Looking at each other, glad they were alive and together. "What do you think they want with us, Fred?" His wife asked him in a way too sedately manner. "They talked about purpose, I reckon they don't mean no harm, huh?"

Well, I dunno, they haven't done anything painful so far."

On the other side of the wall, the Qu'pry'm, as they called themselves, were instructing their neophytes how to feed and care for their humans.

Remember, Fa'zy'p, and Se'qu'z, show them how to play the games, that will keep them occupied until they are readied. Do not attempt to compete with them, they are only 5.4 on the Intelligence scale. They need to stay happy and be nourished, if they panic, immediate action must be taken as their blood will become poisoned.

"Look here's some smaller versions, their offspring, coming in now." Fred answered as the door opened and two 5 foot "bugs" came in carrying various containers. They pulled shelving and seats mysteriously out of the wall.

Your food and drink are on this table. Partake, it will give all the required nutrient chemicals.
Se'qu'z turned to his brother, and whispered,
They're cute, I want to get to know them better.


No human being is innocent,
but there is a class of innocent human actions
called Games.
---W.H. Auden

After they ate, (all the while watched adoringly by the 'children') they were then shown how to work the amazing holographic games. Fred and Myrtle were so fascinated they almost forgot about the reality, or surreality, of their situation. After they finally admitted that it was restructuring time, their term for sleep, they left, dimming the light. However, they noticed Fa'zy'p, and Se'qu'z still observing them through the windows.

But, Fred, in a low voice, queried his wife about their plight. "I think they think we're pets."

"I'm afraid so, dear. I think we need to show them how intelligent we are so they'll take us back."

The next morning cycle, the two youngsters brought in more food, and while sitting there watching Myrt make some audacious moves on her spouse, Fa'zy'p quipped,

Oh, you are so clever! You almost have deactivated his phenon sources. Here let me show an even better move.
He took up a seat next to Myrtle and began waving his mandibles around in the manner in which one changes positions and power points.

"Hey, no fair!" Fred chimed, kiddingly. But, the adult Qu'pry'm, became alerted to the slightly rising emotional quotient. They looked through the observation windows with growing consternation. Suddenly they charged into the room loudly clicking:
How many times have I told you two? DO NOT PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!

Well, of course at that time, Fred and Myrtle got up and ran screaming for that alusive doorway, but they heard one last thing as four sharp tubules came out of the Qu'pry'm's mouths, and pierced the two hapless earthlings. They could feel all their fluids being sucked out of them alive.

Hurry children! They will become worthless in seconds, eat now!

For the I Will Show You Fear in a Handful of Text: The 2005 Halloween Horrorquest

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