Love is an extremely complicated thing. I personally don't think anyone should ever have to deal with it, as it is like making a deal with the devil. However, for those that are braver than me and my bachelorly colleagues, here are some comparisons that may enlighten you to the intrinsic details of love.

Love is like a steamroller, it can crush you, or let you take a joyride.

Love is like a baboon, it can throw crap at you, but you know you really want one.

Love is like a gun, it can bring the strongest of men to their knees.

Love is like a tree, if you nurture it it will grow huge and strong.

Love is like a crazed elephant, it goes where it wants like it's nobody's business.

Love is like fire, once it sparks, you can't stop it very easily.

Love is like a souffle, an ill word can collapse it.

Love is like being in an atom smasher, it makes you reflect very quickly before it crushes you.

Love is like a subway, it draws people closer together.

Love is like piano-playing, it takes finesse to master.

Love is like a toothache, it won't go away if you don't deal with it.

Love is like 2 week old moo goo gai pan, if you don't enjoy it, it may turn rotten.

Love is like a voice recorder, watch what you say!

Love is like marble, it can be carved to create beauty.

Love is like a flimsy plastic bag, sometimes the bottom falls out

Love is like a monkey in a bag, you have to let it out sometimes.

Anyone with more, please message me promptly.

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