It's quite strange that I do. Sometimes I don't believe it myself! Here is my track record:

- I was at my father's friend's place one day and his dog, one of the largest, hairiest and ugliest kind, had an affinity for me. I didn't know why, but he kept trying to make me pet him on the head by sticking his face into my personal space. I refused to pet him, but he persisted until I gave in.

- I was on a boardwalk in Fort Myers, Florida sometime around spring break. I had decided to walk back to the car instead of taking one of those Tram/people mover type vehicles. I started to run on the boardwalk thinking it would be great excercise. After panting for a bit, I started to walk as a monarch butterfly approached me. As an experiment, I held out my hand and extended my index finger for the butterfly to land on. I was thinking, "Naw, it won't land on my finger. Amazingly, it did! (I'm NOT lying!) So I started to walk on the boardwalk with this butterfly on my finger. Some people thought I was crazy, thinking it was fake. Then a tram vehicle whizzed by and saw that a butterfly had landed on my finger. They were in awe as well!
After a hundred metres had passed, the butterfly resumed its journey. I laughed "freeloader" as it flew away.

- Somewhere at a picnic table, I forget where, in a park, there was this chipmunk looking for some human contact. I decided to try to mimic some of its squeaking and chirping language. I held out my hand nice and low, but with no food. The chipmunk approached me ever so slightly. Finally, it made one last burst of a movement to my hand and licked my fingertip. (eww, it was wet.) It then ran off to find some real food. I guess he didn't like the taste of my finger.

Now I feel like singing "Zippiddy Doo Da, Zippiddy Ay".

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