On those seemingly never ending 3 hour car trips up to the ranch on weekends and vacation breaks, my daughter and I used to play this game of similes. What started out as a game became a long list over the years. But remember, when writing, similes and clichés should be avoided like the plague.

As agile as a cat
As angry as a wet hen

As bald as an eagle
As big as a house
As black as the ace of spades
As blind as a bat
As bold as a bull
As brave as a lion
As bright as a button
As brown as a bear
As busy as a bee

As chaste as a nun
As clean as a whistle 

As common as dirt 

As cold as ice
As contented as a cow
As cool as a cucumber
As costly as a diamond
As crazy as a loon
As cute as a bugs ear

As damned as the devil
As dark as the night
As deaf as a door nail 

As dead as a doorknob
As deep as the ocean
As delicate as a dandelion
As dim as a bulb
As dirty as a rat
As drunk as a skunk
As dry as a bone
As dull as dishwater
As dumb as dirt

As easy as ABC

As fat as a pig

As feckless as a flea
As flat as a pancake
As free as a bird
As fresh as a daisy

As gentle as a lamb
As gay as a cricket
As gloomy as the weather
As good as gold

As hairy as an ape
As happy as a clam
As hard as a rock
As helpless as a baby
As high as a kite
As honest as the day is long
As hot as a pistol
As hungry as a wolf

As industrious as a beaver

As large as life
As liberal as a democrat
As light as a feather
As live as a wire

As mad as a hatter
As mute as a post 

As naked as a jaybird
As neat as a pin
As nutty as a fruitcake

As old as the hills

As pale as a ghost
As peaceful as a dove
As playful as a kitten
As poor as a church mouse
As precious as a pearl
As pretty as a picture
As proud as a peacock
As pure as the driven snow

As quick as a fox
As quiet as a mouse

As right as rain
As ripe as a plum

As sanctimonious as a priest
As scarce as hen's teeth
As scared as a rabbit
As sharp as a tack
As shiny as a brand new penny
As shy as a mouse
As sick as a dog
As silent as a shadow
As silly as a goose
As skittish as a mare

As slick as snot
As slimy as a worm
As slipperyas an eel
As smart as a whip
As smooth as a silk
As soft as a pillow
As somber as a grave
As sound as a bell
As staunch as a Republican
As steep as a cliff
As stiff as a board
As straight as an arrow
As stubborn as a mule
As sweet as a honeybee
As sweet as new mown hay
As sweet as pie

As tall as a pine
As thin as a rail
As thick as a plank
As thick as thieves
As thirsty as a sponge
As thrifty as a Scot
As tight as a drum

As ugly as sin

As warm as toast

As white as a sheet
As wise as an owl

As yellow as the moon

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