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1 A Lame Beggar (thing) Girlface writeup
2 An Obscure Writer (thing) Girlface writeup
3 Elegy VIII (thing) Girlface writeup
4 Inferno - Canto XXX (thing) danlowlite writeup
5 Paradise Regained - Contents   e2node
6 Purgatorio - Canto VI   e2node
7 Purgatorio - Canto XI   e2node
8 Purgatorio - Canto XII   e2node
9 Purgatorio - Canto XXV   e2node
10 Purgatorio - Canto XXXIII   e2node
11 Ralphius (thing) Girlface writeup
12 The Burden Of Itys (idea) dotc writeup
13 The Nymph's Reply (idea) Pseudo_Intellectual writeup
14 TO -- (thing) humanure writeup
15 My Thoughts Thou Hast Supported (thing) Girlface writeup
16 His Flames Are Joys (thing) Girlface writeup
17 Present in Absence (thing) Girlface writeup
18 Sweet Solitariness (thing) Girlface writeup
19 Temporary Poem of My Time (thing) mblase writeup
20 Buttercup Days (thing) siren writeup
21 Faust   e2node
22 Silent Noon (idea) Pseudo_Intellectual writeup
23 Upon Roses (thing) Girlface writeup
24 The Hourglass (thing) Girlface writeup
25 The Given Heart (thing) baffo writeup
26 He and She (thing) barmaid writeup
27 Ode On Indolence (thing) green42 writeup
28 Love's End (thing) Girlface writeup
29 In Memoriam 10 (thing) Muke writeup
30 In Memoriam 11 (thing) Muke writeup
31 In Memoriam 19 (thing) Muke writeup
32 In Memoriam 21 (thing) Muke writeup
33 In Memoriam 22 (thing) Muke writeup
34 In Memoriam 24 (thing) Muke writeup
35 Astrophil and Stella: Sonnet 29 (thing) banjax writeup
36 Astrophil and Stella: Sonnet 80 (thing) banjax writeup
37 When Night is Almost Done (thing) SophiesCat writeup
38 To Dianeme (thing) Girlface writeup
39 His Winding-Sheet (thing) Girlface writeup
40 Daybreak (thing) Girlface writeup
41 Oda al Caldillo de Congrio (thing) eccp writeup
42 The Laily Worm (thing) Tlachtga writeup
43 Moesta Et Errabunda (thing) The Prophet writeup
44 departure (thing) ravy writeup
45 departure   e2node
46 Poems of the Past and Present (thing) DJSmurf writeup
47 The Canterbury Tales (thing) iandunn writeup
48 The Bard: A Pindaric Ode (thing) drummergrrl writeup
49 Rose, oh pure contradiction (thing) draculaic writeup
50 The Fool Rings His Bells (thing) Hypatia writeup

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