00:00 UTC

I begin my liquid diet in preparation for surgery at 14:30. I'm going to have my ass opened up not only to remove a pilonidal cyst but also to have an ass chip installed. (An ass chip is a storage device that attaches to the base of the spinal cord.) And of course, my ass chip will run an embedded Linux system.

01:55 UTC

I respond to several QtYNs, MotifYNs, and even GTKYNs...

...in my homenode. That's what the homenode was designed for, right?

02:03 UTC

Having used all my Level 4 votes, I am now an M-XPer. It will probably be at least another year before I'm an M-Noder though.

20:00 UTC

I'm back from butt surgery. It only took me half an hour to get out of anesthesia, but it took another hour just to find me a room in which to put my clothes back on.