Hardcore Virgin Metal Steve is a character from Diesel Sweeties. Sporting a mighty mullet, skull t-shirt, and virginity intact, he is the foil to Indie Rock Pete, and the current object of Lil' Sis' lust.

Metal Steve once had an online relationship with Fallon of Bobbins fame, but that ended with heartbreak. Metal Steve has seen little action on the romantic front since then, and as he is determined to remain chaste until marriage, he is wary of women who are too eager to bed him without commitment.

Metal Steve has a thriving porn career in which he is being exploited by Maura Glee. He makes more money than he thought possible, but she makes even more by selling porn of him. He still maintains the rockin' virginity, however.

Also, he occasionally is pummelled by Red Robot in a display of who is truly metal.

Update: Currently, Pale Suzie has been dating Metal Steve. They went to the Mantastic concert, and have shared some innuendo, including a few sausage jokes, but it remains to be seen whether this is really love, or merely a ploy to make Lil' Sis and IRP jealous. True to form, however, his V-card is still unpunched.