Red Robot World Domination is an internet-based meme in the same style as All your base are belong to us, albeit at a smaller scale. The meme formed in the strange stick figure cartoons of, some of which feature boxy, bright red robots named, appropriately, Red Robots.

The goal of every Red Robot is to "Crush all hu-mans." In some of the ExplodingDog comics they do just that. In others, they do other robotic things, occasionally even appearing to serve the "hu-mans."

Unlike many web comic characters, Red Robot has gathered up a deal of momentum with third-parties. There are Red Robot animations, a Help Red Robot Dominate the World Flash game, and even a Red Robot Theme Song by the band Kompressor. Red Robot has also made cameo appearances in a wide variety of other web comics, including Bobbins, Diesel Sweeties and 8-Bit Theater. Red Robot World Domination is assisted by the fact that Sam Brown, creator of, will allow anyone to place the Red Robot on their site or in their comic or whatever, so long as they provide a link to the Red Robot World Domination page.

If Red Robot World Domination continues to thrive and grow, it may provide a valuable example of a cartoon star that can survive the public domain, as opposed to a certain highly trademarked mouse whose parent company has spent vast sums of money on extending copyright to prevent just such a treatment.

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