Clango is a character from the Diesel Sweeties cartoon. Clango is a fities-style robot, with looks like the robot from Lost in space. He is currently involved with Maura Glee, and exploring the strange world of the hu-mans. Unlike the Red Robot, he is a nice guy right down to the bone. Maura loves him for this, and gently guides him through our strange world of love, females and other things robots aren't programmed to understand. Or as he said himself; "Irrational flesh-ling (sic)! Why must I love you?"

The family ties are close to the Apple line of computers. In one of the latest cartoons, his granddad babysits Maura's cat. The granddad is an Apple Lisa. However, when asked by Indie Rock Pete, he states that he runs on a kooky form of Linux. (And the obivous question from Pete to this is: "Will you open source your girlfriend then?")

He also has an e-mail address:

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