Indie Rock Pete, poseur extraordinaire, is the token loser character in the web comic Diesel Sweeties.

He is usually unemployed, and claims to be a member of an indie rock band, although he has never offered proof of this statement. Other characters' disbelief of his membership has often resulted in him exclaiming, "I am a rocker. I rock out." He uses this statement to avoid conversations.

Something that he does do, however, is read He once dressed up as Buzzboy for Halloween. Pete spends other holidays "drinking a lot and not answering the phone". Pete probably doesn't drink coffee on holidays, though -- because it makes his "pickle water" smell "real funny". He also likes soda pop but thinks it makes him pee too much. He resents Clango on this point: as a robot, Clango does not need to pee.

Indie Rock Pete likes spreading gossip, especially if it happens to result in him getting dates -- like the one time he convinced Lil' Sis (Maura's sister) to go out with him (instead of some computer programmer who was pretending to be a porn star). His other girlfriends in the comic have included Pale Suzie, the kind-hearted goth chick.

Pete is quite gullible, though, and ends up buying girls a lot of gifts but never getting any play. He is aware that this causes him to act like an ass. Also, he has commented on the fact that he has more sex drive than common sense. For example: he once gave a girl his phone number -- written on the back of his credit card -- because, as he said, "I was out of scrap paper and she had a hot ass!"

Indie Rock Pete also starred in Diesel Sweeties spinoff "Indie Rock Pete" (, a serial comic of perhaps the exact opposite artistic style of the original (being flowing and shaded, as opposed to illustrated with giant pixels). "Indie Rock Pete" was a collaborative effort between Jason Alderman, the artist (, Jeff Rowland (, writer, and R. Stevens of Diesel Sweeties fame, who seemed to play a number of inspecific roles in the comic's production.

In promotion of the comic, Song Fight that week hosted title "Indie Rock Bottom,", as both Diesel Sweeties and Song Fight are involved with, a loose collection of friends and acquaintances and their moderately popular websites.

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