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Note To Self: Stop trying to be so goddamn clever. Thanks.

"Poet, are you there?
Let them explain you
and nameless you will appear
as the heart of the explanation."

- William Carlos Williams

About me:

I like all kinds of music. Although: metal can get grating awful quick, and I prefer older stuff when it comes to r&b or country. It should go without saying, of course, that anything unimaginative with limited ephemeral popularity is less favored than something with a lot of thought put into it. This is undoubtedly a result of my eons of classical training.

My home node id's prime factors are: 17 and 63211. Yesh!

I am always worried about potential, mores, and integrity, and my self-percieved disrespect thereof. Or am I just a lazy person with a guilty conscience?

Look at my mug:
at the tail end of an 80 hour week, with a headache and my "grumpy pants" on

My mission drive used to be to reach level two, but when I was sitting solid at 22 writeups for the past few years, they went and lowered the requirements on me from 25 to 20.

    Leveling History!
  1. 2001 Jun 10, #1 Leviathan
  2. 2005 May 17, #20 Maltese cross (written 2003 Aug 11)

Not New Hampshire:
Broken hearted young man of Seattle
Flower-sniffing poet of Seattle
Quiet laughing drunk
Bespeckled recluse leech
Self-pitying yet bubbly morose Seattle Man
- thanks John.

too lazy

  • Too lazy to node more than once every blue moon.
  • Too lazy to cook often, even though I know how to make dishes I like.
  • Too lazy to find a girlfriend, even though relationships are one of the few things I care about.
  • Too lazy to dare to be great, even though I can see greatness within myself.

Self-pity is deceitful... comforting, like a jelly doughnut, with a tasty weakness filling. But it's an evil jelly filling. Maybe even grape.

Here's my address. send me inspiration. Yes, I am aware 'inspiration' contains the word 'pirate'.

||.|..|..|....||..|.|.|.|...||..|..|.|..|||......||||.....||.|(top secret US postal graffiti)

now, by popular demand, available on all major messaging networks

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<briglass> U Stink But I ¢ ¾ U
Andromache01 ¢¼ her dog.

DyRE topples over a table, broken bottle in head, and screams "YOU WANT SOME OF THIS FLAN? HUH? DO YA?"
<DyRE> um, that should have been "in hand" but i like it better this way

LaylaLeigh puts the ni in ueni. NI!

<TheDeadGuy> I'm not touching ueni's comment there. Not in 350 years. [...] If we are both still here in 350 years, ueni, I shall buy you a Coke.

"ufx?" "s, vfx. vfxnm."
chomp network monkey nutmeg rupee taxi shirt
vae, puto deus fio *

Visit the GRAB headquarters on yclept's homenode, where knit battle attire is the order of the day! Triumph is assured, with my decommissioned Angstrobots having been replaced by the newer and techmologically advanced Flemish Giant Rabbots.

cables. ref. random secret notes to myself.


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