Entering the legions of metal bands with a brand new twist: Being Italian.

Described as a mix of "powerful metal and gothic melodies" the haunting female vocals set this band apart from many others. The music is heavy, dark, brooding and other suitable adjectives. To date they have released albums titled "Shifting Realities" and "Inner Wastelands".

Standout tracks are "Ephemerae" and "Wasted Words".

Of course the best thing you can find in a band is one that that allows you to feel superior to everyone else by having a "no one else has heard of them because they are a small band" factor. What better way to show this then by liking a band that has the official page hosted on tripod ( http://dakrua.tripod.com/home_ita.html ).

So if you do happen to have an interest in metal Dakrua come recommended by me and a few others that have heard of them. If you like darkly dramatic symphonies then go ahead and give them a try.

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