It put Peter Frampton on the proverbial map, made him a "media darling" as well, out-sold any live performance recording before and maybe since? If not then it held the record for quite a long time. That bright-eyed innocent face in the heat of the "rock" on the cover, unfolded to reveal what would become his (unintentional) trademark axe-of-choice: The "Frampton Les Paul" – a Black Beauty modified with an extra pick-up - THREE pick-ups where once there were only two - a radical "hot-rod" of guitars in its day. When I was in high school, there was period where I would come home everyday, do bongs, and play along to FCA. I knew every note of it, that album alone taught me more about rock guitar playing than any other.

Personal Observations:
His playing is truly outstanding on this album. Although he was considered by most to be primarily a songsmith/lead singer (and cutie-pie), his lead guitar chops were well worthy of the accolades that seem to have escaped him, but for his famous TalkBox solo on Do You Feel, no one listens to much else - HOWEVER, I assure you that all over that album - and on that very song - you will hear ripping lead guitar (almost always edited out for airplay) that will please and astound. He had an innate sense of phrasing during solos that you don't hear much of.

For interest's sake, there was a release of his first band "The Herd" that we put out when I was at Atlantic Records, he was 16 years old (the album picture is excellent), it was very interesting as I recall, not necessarily GOOD, just interesting. I think Steve Marriot was in that band, he was a rock and roll lunatic, that guy would go down to the lobbies of the hotels they would stay in and get into fights with strangers, he was fucking bananas. He invented the shit Sid Vicious got famous for. He died from passing out in bed with a cigarette.

This is transcribed from a conversation with my rock and roll G-d Boss, Drew, and he has deigned for me to post it here. I couldn’t believe there was no node here!

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