A numerical value representing the likelihood of an aging Arena Rock band actually filling an arena. The APQ is derived by applying the following simple equation:

                    # of seats in arena
------------------------------------------------------ = APQ
# of fans these Power Rockers could reasonably attract

By way of illustration, consider a tour consisting of performances by each of Foreigner, Cheap Trick, Bad Company, Kansas, and Night Ranger. Because each band needs the other four in order to "pack the house," the average APQ of each act would be .2 Arenas (or 200 millarenas).

Compare this to the 2002 tour comprising only Jethro Tull and Todd Rundgren. Unaccountably, these two acts have an average APQ of 500 millarenas. It would be up to the concert promoter to determine which acts, if any, should receive compensation for “propping up” low-APQ bands.

Obviously, APQ’s are relative to the size of the arena. In order to avoid confusion when comparing performers on wildly different stages, I propose the use of Budokan Hall, Tokyo as the international standard for two reasons:

  • In the aggregate, very few people live in Japan. Therefore, Budokan will be international relative to most humans.
  • A careful and approximately scientific search on Google.com determined that Budokan will hold 16,500 people. That sounds pretty good.

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