I'm somewhere in south asia, wandering a street market. I'm to meet with two friends of my mother at their house somewhere. I realize I don't have their number or any way to contact them. Fortunately, I run in to my dad. He looks up their number. "Ack! I forgot all my luggage!" He gives me a ride back to the airport, I get my luggage, and go to their house. They're not there; I'm in a posse of kids on a mission or fleeing or something. We're in china, it feels like now. There's a big three-way split in the world. There's our putative faction, an "evil" group, and a semi-detached woodlands kind of group, consisting largely of animal/plant spirits. The gods for this group are invisible to almost everyone except their followers, and look kind of like animated rabbits with big eyes. There are invisible snarling dogs that we can see, on a field outside. The house we are in is searched by evil adult men with guns. We hide in laundry hampers and then escape through the windows. We chase the snarling dogs, who flicker in and out of visibility. I (I am a small boy, maybe 10 now) suddenly stop on a carpet in the middle of the field near the woods. I can see the woodland things and I call on them for help. We chase the snarling dogs together; the evil men get in a car and drive away. We stop and discuss the triumvirate of quasi-religious alliances, promise to stay visible to each other, at least, and part. The rest of my kid-gang runs up to me, baffled as to what happened. I shake my head and we walk away in to the city that has appeared, to find shelter for the night.