I am finally getting what I want. I think. I am leaving a week from today for the great north, and can hardly think of anything besides that. My father's birthday is in a few days, and considering the fact that he's probably the age of most of your grandfathers, I'd say that's an accomplishment. He'll be 74. My mom wants me to bring my tarot with me and do readings for all their friends at the party. I would rather get that incredible claw walkingstick with the crystal in it for him, but since the stroke, I doubt he's strong enough to use it quite yet. But to me, such a stick would be incentive, I don't know. My da's a cool old bloke, I'm really proud of him.

As for the trip, I can hardly stand still I'm so excited. I just figured out a way for me to afford it today, last minute, but I know it will work. My guy sounds psyched that I'm coming, but it could have been the really good beer talking. Just think, I'll be with some of my favorite people in the world next week. Hey, don't feel left out, most of them are Everythingians. Yeah, I have geek envy.

I have tons of projects to finish before I leave though, so maybe I should go attempt being productive. But, this is a good day.