Toki, a Danetti mouse femme from the Albedo comic book is a friend and confidant to Erma Felna. She is a staff officer for the Extra-Planetary Defense forces EDF. Toki has large soft ears, very expresive eyes, a well..... rounded figure, and is very outgoing and free with her attentions.

Beats the heck out of Mickey Mouse, eh?

Toki is the legendary fire-spitting monkey from Japanese mythos. Well, at least that's what the Sega Genesis game told me.

Turned into a monkey by an evil warlock, Toki must travel the lands by sea, land and air to find his beloved and regain his manhood. Toki counts with an array of different types of fireballs he can spit, and a football helmet that grants him invincibility.

Released to a good half dozen game platforms, this game is truly one of the greatest pearls of our time.

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