The feline main character of the comic book Albedo. Female officer in the EDF, born SD 171-01-22, Annianport, Annah (Dornthant II). Fur color is a "light gold-brown, slightly paler in the front, scalp hair is dark red-brown, and eyes green gold"

There's one interesting legend regarding Steve Gallacci's reaction to fanboys.

In one furry convention, a drooling fanboy asked, hesitatingly and shyly, that Steve would draw a picture of Erma, naked and with a crowbar. He didn't say what Erma was supposed to do with that crowbar, but you probably get the idea.

Surprise, surprise: Steve made the picture.

The picture was titled "Backscratcher".

There's no information whether or not this story is true, but what is true is that some other furry artists have done very similiar tricks to drooling fanboys =)

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