Last night was literally surreal, but I'll try to tell some of its main idea.. In the beginning, I and some friends of mine had heard that Halpahalli was offering free biscuits, but none of us knew where the Halpahalli of the weird city we were in was.

While we were spread out to look for it, the sun exploded in a form of a sector toward the stars, which grew dim and seemed to be sucked into the sun's flames. The Earth shattered and twisted, forming an ellipse, and some humanoid shape brought me an ancient looking stone with carving of the solar system. As the Earth was changing its shape, the carvings on the stone turned as well, changing Earth and its orbit sharply elliptic around the sun that hadnt yet taken its new form.

I didnt really understand what happened next, but basically all rules of physics were broken, and world became a twisted place where about everything was possible. There were two copies of my cat, fishes drowned in the air, and death became less meaningfull because anyone could be resurrected if someone cared to think of it. At one point I decided to drive a truck to Hawaii straight over the sea, but when the waves made the truck hump up and down, I noticed what was really going on.

The truck became seasick, and suddenly pulled away from around me like it was a blanket thrown on top of me, leaving me standing on the sea while the different colored parts of the truck scattered and formed into humanoid shapes of clay-like substance, each one seeming seasick and vomiting into the water. I dont remember what their purpose was, but as I now knew their secret, I became kind of demiurg with ability to modify time, space, and matter by my will, in much larger scale than rest of the world.

I dont remember anything for some time, but in this strange new world space travel had become much easier, though travel from star to star wasn't just as easy as other miraculous events on the planet. Spaceships were designed like the Precursor vessel from StarControl II, with loose loops of lightcable hanging from the external hulls. The lightcable was used as a coil to route astral energy all around the ship for teleport effect, but even stranger was that crew and passengers had to eat small "eggs" of these ships to whitstand the powers used during the teleport. The eggs were shiny metallic pills, those would eventually grow into ships if left unused for long time, even though they had no organic parts in them.

I don't remember much of my dream last night, but I do remember grabbing my mother by the arms and slamming her repeatedly against the wall.

How odd that while the average person is lusting after their mother, I'm trying to kill mine.

I was in like a tomb in Ancient Egypt, kinda like Tomb Raider. It was dark and scary.

My brother was trapped behind this big rock wall, and I couldn't reach him. I crawled up the wall and went through a small air vent. The vent ended up leading to a big hall with idols on the walls and torches.

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