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"We hate everything. We don't care what you think." (Type O Negative)
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Dream Log: September 27, 2002
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Hi. My name is Hannah. I like bunnies, kitties, and hardcore industrial german techno. I co-own a gold Dodge Minivan with an offset black rally stripe, a spoiler, and a nice system. I can survive being rear-ended at a red light by a one-ton truck going 40 mph and driven by someone who had not only been drinking, but hadn't even been watching the road. I can also survive going 65 mph around a sandy corner on a Harley and, moments later, sliding across that sandy pavement at 60 mph into a ditch, ripping my clothes and the skin on my arms, back, and leg to shreds. Hey, road rash is fun. I can also survive occupying a space dead-center and three rows back from the stage at a TOOL concert (I only lasted 45 minutes, and it was before TOOL even came on. However, in my defense, I must say that the space I was occupying was significantly less than my actual size). I enjoy riding motorcycles (not driving them), reading pertinent works of art written by reknowned insane and/or dead authors, dropping small items off of high precipices in the name of physics, and slam-dancing to that hardcore industrial german techno. I speak a bit of broken German, even less broken Spanish, and a rather incomprehensible dialect of bastardized English, garbled even more by my Minnesotan accent. I own a black pleather trenchcoat and black knee-length "shit-kicker" pleather boots. I also own a large yellow coffe cup. "Cuppie" was liberated from a local grocery store and holds about six gallons. I also like to take pictures. I have an odd affinity for taking pictures of people, and thus a great deal of my pictures are centered around a short, occasionally black-haired red-head with very pale skin, a long black wool trenchcoat, and a cell-phone perpetually glued to his ear. I play Scrabble compulsively, take a college psychology course, and collect wrought iron candleholders. I can hotwire the mooing cow at the local grocery store, jack up my van and change the tire, change the oil in my van, build an electric motor, assemble and disassemble (and consequently fix) a Laserjet printer, take, develop, and make prints of my own pictures, and write circles around a great many people.

Oh, and my camera can take your soul. Worship me.