You want this in leyman's terms or Windigese? Fine, Windigese it is. See, I just got home from tasting the temptaions of the local gay, I can't remember what the freakin' name is, I was getting anihilated, therefore really having a hard time focusing on small details. Well, it's nearly the only bar that stays open 'til 2;00 around here, and well, I needed a drink. By myself. All there is in the house is beer and frankly, I get really sick of the taste of beer. ( Even if it's Guinness.) Why? Because I don't like taking my time if I have someplace I want to be. Now. I have what I would affectionately call a liquor personality. Vodka, tequila, rum, basically anything that takes a relatively short amount of time to consume and the effects are felt within moments. Hey, I'm a girl, I like being a lightweight. I'm very low maintenance that way, see?

Back to my I have a point...Oh yes...the gay bar and their Wednesday night Kar...Kari...kare...When they sing...and there's words on the bottom of the screen which I can't for the life of me think how to spell now. Yeah, that. They had a lot of that, but your's truly was not the least bit interested because she only sings when she thinks no one hears her. I think I have a fairly decent voice, I just don't feel like sharing. I'm shy, too, so you know how that goes. Any shy people out there? Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Why a gay bar? I'm not gay. At least not generally speaking. I am not presently a practicing homosexual. I'm actually presently not practicing anything but low-level coding. Why? Because I've moved into my box. Yup, brand-spanking new geek material here.

Once again, back to the bar. Hopeless, and I wasn't even looking. If I was looking, I could have walked down the street to the other bar and defended myself from jock assholes who are no more concerned with my brain or personality than they could be with whether or not I prefer demi-cup or seamless. Okay, maybe I would get more of a reaction by telling them what kind of bra I prefer, but that is besides my point.

{Rambling] again. But at least I have an excuse this time. Thin blood. I just wanted to drink in peace and quiet, and I got it until the karaoke got fired up. But mission accomplished. I'm schnookered and pleasantly so. I won't even tell you about the day that drove me drink in the first place. But cheers, and now I'm gonna go hop on Pirch and talk to people I don't know from Adam.