Philadelphia is the home of many cool bars, among them the Khyber Pass, the Firenze Cafe, and the Track and Turf; some cool defunct bands called the Electric Love Muffin and the Dead Milkmen; great record stores called 3rd Street Jazz and Rock (now defunct) and The Philly Record Exchange; my favorite used book store, Book Trader at 5th and South Streets, and Reading Terminal Market (which is not "terminal" in the medical sense).

There are numerous other attractions as well, such as 30th Street Station, which is the finest train station I ever set eyes on; it's the train station in the movie Witness (this justifies the movie, not vice versa). West Philly is home to Koch's Deli at 44th and, umm, Locust or something. Koch's is glorious. Try the reuben sandwich.

Philadelphia is a much better place than it gets credit for. In five years there, I got robbed and my head beat in only once. Maybe it was only four years.