Writeups killed:

  • The Effects of Thumb-sucking (someone else's thumb, not your own) by Pondering: "I'm not entirely sure, but after alot of Tequlla I woke up in a Mexican jail with a sore ass. Drawl from that what you will." Off-topic, illiterate. See principiis obsta.

  • evil canadian bunnies on crack by kenata: Aimless rambling. A nodeshell "rescue" doesn't justify worthless non-content like this. I discussed it with kenata before I killed it. I discussed it with kenata after I killed it, right up until he began resorting to obscenities, personally insulting remarks, and wild accusations. kenata considers it important that I didn't help him improve the writeup. Frankly, there was nothing to improve in my opinion. I'm a little bit perplexed by the idea that I'm more responsible for the quality of his writing than he is, and from what I saw of his attitude I doubt that he would have cooperated with any attempt to help him improve the thing.

    After I killed this one, kenata noded a standard-issue Anti-E2 Rant. See Jet-Poop's writeup below. I saved the rant and the original writeup; /msg me if you want to see them. The admirable Jet-Poop misremembers: kenata wanted a consensus of three to five editors for a kill.

    I'm concerned that Jet-Poop may not be getting enough sleep. He's right on target about the crap, though: There are many places on the net where crap is welcomed with open arms, starting with and going on from there.

    It's been a day and a half, and still no takers on the rant offer. Go figure.

  • Serbian by beacon (fled): "Someone from Serbia. Not a good thing to be at the moment, I bet." The first half is a "see foo"; no good. The second half is meaningless without the date when it was noded. The date was lost when the node was moved to E2. Bye-bye.

  • Serbia by mhwang: "A country of losers." I hope somebody appreciates the number of cheap shots I forego every day.