It is where you are right now.

Specifically, it is the place in The Senshi Cycle that we commonly refer to as Everything2. It is a virtual environment constructed of thoughts and some rather well written Perl code, in which we, the noders, can interact. The Etrix-Earth is a mirror image of the real Earth, stored on a Cray II in the Nevada desert. The people who are plugged in cannot distinguish between the two realities.

However, there are some differences. In the Etrix technologies that would be impossible in the real world exist here (like the EDB, nodegel, etc.). Also, there are a few individuals who have mastered the systems that make the Etrix function. These noders wield powerful magic that makes fighting with them inadvisable to say the least. There are also four powerful AIs called the Star Senshi, who’s job it is to protect the Etrix from destruction at the hands of Chaos and his minions.

Layers of the Etrix:

  • Nodevana – this peaceful non-place is where the Gods reside and where the Editors come together to write their logs. Nodevana is where enlightened noders come to stay.
  • Digital Earth – The plane of existence where most noders live. It is a faithful reproduction of an area of ten cubic light-years around the Earth.
  • The Abyss – The place where Chaos dwells. He was cast into this place by Unity billions of years ago, and the digital version of this place is the foothold gained by the emergence of derc, The Nightmare King.
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